What is HPL?

Compact HPL is the commercial name for kraft paper, which is characterized by its extreme hardness. Therefore, it is shock resistant as well as fire and water resistant. It is also characterized by being antibacterial and scratch resistant. All these features make it very safe for use in the manufacture of bathroom partitions and uses with high humidity, as well as its use in the manufacture of surfaces Tables, tables, office furniture and others

HPL compact is used in many fields such as

HPL compact manufacturing process

The word HPL means high pressure lamination in English, and it is an abbreviation for High Pressure Laminate, and it is the process that the HPL compact is exposed to during the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process is done by coating the layers of kraft paper on both sides with phenolic material. and moisture and collision. Then, a layer of Laminate is added to the kraft layers from the top and bottom, which is characterized by being scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The pressure process is carried out under PSI 1430 pressure and a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. HPL compact boards can be manufactured in an infinite number of colors. And different fish, starting from 1.5 mm to 30 mm.

The HPL compact has unique features such as:

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